5 Great Tips To Do Before Sexual Intercourse That Will Put Your Partner At Ease While Having Sex

The word sex when mentioned has much influence over the mind and how people think. Some people on hearing the word it will excite them or, it could have an adverse effect causing fear and disgust. Commonly this is because most may never have had sexual intercourse in their life. Just the thought of sleeping with someone of the opposite sex can see one person cringe, while, the sex maniac is likely to get a tingle down his or her spine.

The amount of men and women who have never had sexual intercourse is shockingly high. Reasons for this may be out of choice, fear or other, whatever it is most obstacles are overcome with professional help. Talking to the right person will help get your confidence back if it was knocked in the past because of a bad experience, or, if it’s something else preventing you from doing what you want to do (have sex), but can’t, then book an appointment to see a doctor or a sex guidance consultant.

Remember you are the boss and therefore you never have to do something you are not comfortable doing as this can cause problems. Making love (sexual intercourse) is a beautiful thing with the right person, and even more beautiful if initiated properly.


1. Sex is always going to be a pleasant experience with someone you love. However, if this is your first time and sex is happening with someone you don’t know too well, get to know them as it will make the experience a lot more fun. Ask about their likes and dislikes. The more you know about how to please this person betters the odds of your actions being seen as satisfactory rather than being seen as a flop. Sex with someone not really known to you, have a condom on standby.

2. Before intercourse and there’s fear inside take things slow making sure your partner understands your feelings. A good understanding between both people will allow the situation be handled more easily. Bide your time as fear may take a long time to overcome. If the first attempt at sexual intercourse doesn’t go as planned, talk about where it went wrong to help make things right for when you try again.

3. This is an intimate moment so don’t rush in like a bull in a china shop. Gently hold your partner and kiss. Kisses should linger. Let the lips roam down to the neck and ear lobe and wherever else after that. If at any time you feel apprehensive about continuing stop and breathe in and out until you are back in control.

4. Fondling the body is important. Every touch or stroke has to be meaningful. Feel your partner’s body while clothed slowly removing one garment at a time until naked. If full nudity embarrasses you tell your partner. Over time it will get easier allowing you to accept that revealing flesh is a real turn on for most people. If you are the giver in a relationship and intend on using the tongue ask if this is okay, as it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

5. When getting naked becomes a habit for you and you are content your partner can explore your body freely with his or her hands and tongue without worry of spoiling the moment.

If this is your first sex encounter with a man and you stand before him naked it is likely he’ll have an erection by now. A stiff hard penis is a sign of arousal. This is good as now you know what your man sees’ pleases him greatly and that’s before the best part, where you get to please him more doing that beautiful thing called sex.

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Does She Like Sex? 4 Unusual Facts About Sex Women WISH Men Knew (And Now You Do)

Does she love sex? Do women have as much sex drive as a man? WHAT do women REALLY want in bed? Are there any universal “rules” that apply to all women, or does each woman have our own unique sexual urges, desires and forbidden fantasies?

If you are anything like the vast majority of men who enjoy our articles on love, lust, sex and relationships, the truth is, you probably STILL find her sex drive to be a total mystery.

So if you struggle to understand the female mind as it relates to sex, this article was written with YOU in mind! Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

Fact #1: Women have very similar sex drive to men

This is 100% true. It’s triggered a bit differently, and it manifests a bit differently as well. But from a pure “passionate” perspective, women are as eager as you are to make love, to experiment and to explore.

The primary difference between the sexes? It’s a bit beyond the scope of this article of course, but there are biological differences in how men and women approach the art and science of intimacy.

This is more about the actual hormones and brain chemicals and evolutionary impulses involved in love making, but at our core, we love sex as much as you do. (even if the underlying reasons are a wee bit different)!

Fact #2: Women can have 2 different types of multiple orgasms (and we want them both)!

There are sequential orgasms, and serial orgasms. Sequential refer to one after the other in close sequence. Serial orgasms refer to multiple climaxes in one love making session, but are a bit more spread apart time wise. Not only can most women have both types, most of us actually WANT to have both types as well. How do I know? Lots of reasons! But in conversation, women who privately discuss our own self gratification habits will share that sequential orgasms are actually the highlight of the activity!

Fact #3: Size DOES matter. (but it’s not the only thing that does)

Yes, size matters. The reason is not to make you feel bad, or to feel inadequate. Instead, most women have our most sensitive sexual nerve endings far deeper down in the body, than you may realize. The mysterious “G-spot,” for example, is typically deep down in her body, and can’t be comfortably reached during foreplay, or manual stimulation. Larger men are much better equipped to reach this spot during sex, and whether by happy accident or not, stimulate it sufficiently through friction, to give her the strongest orgasm possible.

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A New Approach Is Required to Promote Sexual Well-Being

A fresh approach is required to promote sexual well-being. For too long have the sexual and reproductive health strategy solely been informed by risks and diseases. It disregards the fact positive sexuality can only be experienced when the natural desires and affections of people can be experienced physically, psychologically and socially whilst complying to the mores and values that exist within socio-cultural environment. For this reason the sexual and reproductive health approaches underscores sexual well-being as a psycho-social resource. The great emphasis placed on diseases and risk may lead to misconceptions on how people should direct their sexual energy, manage their relationships and how they should regard sexual fulfilment. These misconceptions could easily lead to feelings of guilt and discontent.

Instead a positive strategy that builds on the psychological capital and behaviour of people and the socio-cultural values and norms that exist in society is needed. By building on the psychological capital such as hope, self-efficacy, resilience and optimism opportunities are created to normatively develop the viewpoints and sexual strengths of people and to consider sex and relationships as something good and valuable. Together with psychological capital and support provided in the socio-sexual environment the sexual habits of people could be positively affected which will eventually leads to improved well-being. Positive sexual habits not only lead to practicing safe sex but also serve as means to conserve sexual behaviour, social conformity, individuality, and to characterise a person. Positive sexual habits will also empower people fully experience sexual gratification whilst respect for sexual partners increased. Not only will this result in higher levels of psychological achievement, but also in higher levels of healthy sexual expectations.

Building on the hope of people provides will and way power to individuals to direct their energy towards sexual goal pursuit and success. Creating sexual hopeful people requires that strategies are based upon a full understanding of people’s sexual desires and designed to assist people to accomplish their sexual objectives in a manner that carries positive consequences, even in the face of obstacles, not only for the individual but for all involved in the sexual relationship. In this regard the socio-sexual environment should be structured and governed to advance people to exercise choice and control over their sexual expectations and personal sexual qualities. This include amongst others provision of pathways to live sexual productive lives in tolerance with others and experience sexual efficacy in congruence with the norms and value expectations of the environment.

If a country can succeed in developing a positive sexual health strategy rooted in a positive psychological philosophy the risk of disease and sexual discontent may reduce. Such a strategy may even move people towards better citizenship in other life domains as the strategy will build on the inner strengths of the people and not on their vulnerabilities and weaknesses. However such a strategy can only succeed if normative data are also developed to monitor progress in sexual-well-being over time.

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How To Have Sex With a Woman On The First Date

Sex on the first date is strange to most people, and if you think about it from a moral point of view, it really is. But this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Nevertheless, most men have a hard time determining the right time to kiss a girl, leave alone have sex with her. In this regard, I have prepared a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know on how to have sex with a woman on the first date. And before you get any funny ideas, I’m not a player; I just think outside the box… James Bond style.

Pick your ‘target’ wisely

The first thing you need to do if you want to get laid quickly is to choose the girl wisely. I’m going to assume you’re a classy man who doesn’t just pounce on drunk women; even though I know you probably do. Instead of getting a woman drunk and taking advantage of her vulnerability, there’s a better approach. Remember we are trying to be classic; like James Bond. Women are different, but they all have one thing in common; they love shopping. Social scientists believe that women are more open and friendly when they are shopping. Going to a lady beauty shop or a female boutique to pick up a woman is kind of creepy. So hit the supermarket or the mall. Take your time and flick through. There are plenty of hyped women in such public places. Let your instincts guide you on picking the one you feel highly attracted to. Then make your move.

The sexy handshake

When you approach your target, express your interest in knowing her better by extending a warm handshake and introducing yourself. Look straight into her eyes and delay the handshake for 2-3 seconds to hint to her that you’re attracted to her. It’s important to start making physical contact as early as possible if you want to have sex on the first date. Here’s why. A handshake establishes a warm chemistry between you and her and it creates an image in her mind that clearly states that you’re a friendly person. So even if she doesn’t know you, yet, she will be more willing to. Again, if you just dive straight into the conversation and talk, talk, talk, things get weirder with time. The sooner you start touching her, the more natural the touching becomes. But be careful. It’s still too early to get too physical. So things like hugs and pecks are not appropriate at this point. Stay simple and let the tension build up slowly.

Touch her naturally while in conversation

Now that introduction phase is out of the way, it’s time for the lengthy interesting conversations. She wants to know you better, and whether you want it too or not, you need to act like it. Express your attraction to her by leading on interesting conversations. Keep the dialogue lively. If you’re in a public place, don’t get distracted. Show her that you’re entirely focused on getting to know her better. More importantly, add some good jokes in your stories. Humor stimulates women unconditionally. While you’re both laughing, take this chance to stand closer to her and touch her evenly. But make sure you make it look as natural as possible. For instance, if you’re crossing the road, you can offer to hold her hand or gently hold her waist. Thanks to your handshake and sexy eye contact earlier, she won’t make a big deal out of it. And being a ‘funny guy’, she definitely wants more of you, so she will welcome those random touches unequivocally. She won’t even notice that your hand is on her waist. By now, even though she doesn’t realize it yet, she already knows that you’re a potential sex partner.

Ask for her number and plan a proper date

Right now, this is not a date. You just met her ‘accidentally’ in the mall and got to know her, or at least she thinks so. You need to plan a proper date. After all, she must have had other plans for the day before she met you. So don’t spoil them. Make a quick note that you need to be somewhere, for a meeting or something. Being the first time, you need to keep her in suspense. The more you spend time with her right now, the more she figures you out, and you don’t want her to do that this early if you really want to drool over you. Save it for the real date. Be clever when getting her number. For example, you can say, “It was really nice meeting you. You seem like a great girl. I have to go now but we should continue this chat some other time. Here’s my phone. Just type your number and I’ll give you a call later.” Don’t ask for her digits. Imply that you need them, in a romantic way though. Letting her type her number on your phone gives you another chance to stand closer to her. Take it.

The “Good-Bye”

You’ve already made your first impression in preparation for the big day. It’s now time to bid her adieu. Since there’s already some physical chemistry between the two of you, a hug is not that bad at this point, so go for it. If you’re the kinky type, you may as well go for a tiny kiss on her cheek. Make it as close to her mouth as possible. Be keen, however, to notice how she responds to the peck. Not all women open up that fast. To show you a clever trick I use when kissing a girl on the first meeting, hold her hands low and interlock your fingers. Then gaze into her eyes and lips interchangeably for 4-5 seconds and lean in for the peck. If she’s already into you, she’ll be more receptive to the kiss and will move her lips towards yours for a real kiss. If, however, she moves her face away, don’t get mortified. It’s normal. Instead, keep holding her hands and lean in for the peck again. Letting go her hands implies that you’re a quitter and that you’re acknowledging the fact that she’s rejecting you. But if you stay confident and go for the peck again, making it clearer this time that you’re only interested in a tiny peck on her cheek, she will look like the fool. Clever, right?

The Date

You called her in the morning and she confirmed that she hasn’t forgotten about tonight; the special night, and now the evening is already here and you’re pretty psyched about it. She walks in in a red maxi dress and you, being a ‘gentleman’, usher her in warmly. The first thing you need to do is go for a ‘hello again’ hug. She’s already expecting it, so don’t hold back. Since she’s already familiar with your style, she won’t mind a warm, long, tight hug. This is a good way to assure her that you’re still physically attracted to her. And before you ask, I know James Bond doesn’t hug women. He goes for pecks. But let’s be real. This is not Hollywood, and frankly, you’re not James Bond! Anyway, stay focused. When a girl agrees to go on a date with you, she’s already 70% sure she’s going to sleep with you. And if she’s mature enough, she won’t fight it. Besides, she didn’t just wear her sexy red lingerie tonight for nothing.

Touch her randomly throughout the evening

Whether you choose to sit across her on the dinner table or beside her, it’s important to stay as close to her as possible. Hold her arms occasionally and play with her bracelet. If her hair falls a little, use your finger to slide it back to her ear… just anything to assure her that you find her overly attractive. Ask her some personal questions about her choice of jewelry, and while you’re at it, maintain eye contact. The deeper your conversation gets, the more she gets warmed up for the main event. Women need to be mentally stimulated before any successful sexual encounter. So challenge her intellectually and let her drown in the conversation. It’s the perfect way to dominate her mind before you dominate her body later.

Get naughty

At this point, she’s already convinced that you’re a great guy and she wouldn’t mind taking things to the next level. So start escalating the conversation. Let the emotional connection grow sensual by getting a little dirty. Women love some romantic funk so stimulate her kink by getting a little naughty. Get closer to her. She definitely wants you to.

Take her back to your house

Any successful date always ends up with the guy taking the girl home. So if she agrees to come home with you, then you’re 98% already in. Don’t opt for a hotel room. Renting a hotel room makes her uncertain of your intentions and honestly, it’s not something James Bond would do. Be a man and take her home.

Set the mood

Once you get home, welcome her warmly and offer to take off her coat. Offer her a drink and set the mood. Don’t ask her what she wants to do. This is your home. Act like it. She wants to see you take the lead. Choose an interesting activity to do, considering the fact that it’s already night and that she’s probably already tired. A good place to start would be a movie. Take this opportunity to get closer to her and hold her. How things play out from this point heavily depend on you now. Timing is key. Don’t take things too fast or too slow. She’s already open to having sex with you. You just have to do play your cards right.

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Noxitropin And The Importance Of Restful Sleep

If you have gotten to a point where you just need to take a step back and think about any lifestyle changes that you need to make, it might be time to find out exactly what your options are. The truth is that nowadays you can look as amazing as you want to, but only as long as you are willing to do the work and invest in proper supplements such as Anogenin and even Noxitropin. Before you buy them, you might want to learn a thing or two about the advantages they provide.

When talking about getting a good night’s sleep, one of the most important facts that you need to keep in mind is that it can be difficult to rest when you are agitated. For example, if you have had a rough day and feel incredibly stressed out, you are certainly going to spend the better part of the night tossing and turning. Even though you might be tempted to just work out without any help, you should know that Anogenin is going to help you see results after a couple of weeks. When you do manage to fall asleep, you will probably only rest for an hour or two before you need to get up and start your day.

Obviously, this is not the way that you want to live your life. Especially when you feel tired, it can be nearly impossible to do everything that you want to and obtain the results you desire. For example, if you have not slept the night before, your gym performance will have to suffer. This is why you should add Noxitropin to your diet. You will notice a difference from the first night you take it. Soon enough, you will realize that this supplement is the answer to all of your problems.

Besides Noxitropin, you can invest in Anogenin, a product meant to help you boost your metabolism and have a great time whenever you hit the gym. Even though you might be tempted to just work out without any help, you should know that Anogenin is going to help you see results after a couple of weeks. This means that before you know it, you are going to have less body fat and an increased level of muscle mass.

It might sound too good to be true, but you should know that these supplements are meant to make your life easier as soon as you start taking them. It would be recommended that you only invest in products made out of the best possible ingredients, which are supposed to help your body do what it is supposed to do. he truth is that nowadays you can look as amazing as you want to, but only as long as you are willing to do the work and invest in proper supplements such as Anogenin and even Noxitropin. Nowadays, it can be incredibly difficult to get some rest when you have to deal with a lot of stress and all sorts of events that will not allow your mind to relax. Supplements can help!

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